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We care about client’s priority and demands on every steps from the beginning to end. We provide our best services to make our client satisfied. We ensure the best care about the choices, tastes and demands of our clients.


Punctuality is the key to success. We always try to be punctual about the delivery and we ensure the perfect revision before delivery. Our main aim is to provide best quality videos.


Creativity is in our DNA, through this interplay we always try to deliver unique works. We believe in creative works and try to deliver the perfect video.

Animated Explainer Video Examples

These are just a few of the animated explainer videos we’ve created. We have plenty

more to show you, so get in touch if you can’t see a video in your industry!

We’ll get you the best voice artist for your project

  1. BD_Female_Artist_01 0:20
  2. BD_Female_Artist_02 1:43
  3. BD_Female_Artist_03 0:26
  4. BD_Female_Artist_04 1:23
  5. BD_Male_Artist_01 1:10
  6. BD_Male_Artist_02 0:32
  7. BD_Male_Artist_03 1:36
  8. BD_Male_Artist_04 0:11
  1. IN_Female_Artist_01 0:59
  2. IN_Female_Artist_02 0:35
  3. IN_Male_Artist_01 0:22
  1. US_Female_Artist_01 1:08
  2. US_Female_Artist_02 2:57
  3. US_Female_Artist_03 0:48
  4. US_Female_Artist_04 1:39
  5. US_Male_Artist_01 1:05
  6. US_Male_Artist_02 0:50
  7. US_Male_Artist_03 0:55
  1. UK_Female_Artist_01 2:21
  2. UK_Female_Artist_02 1:36
  3. UK_Female_Artist_03 1:20
  4. UK_Male_Artist_01 2:10
  5. UK_Male_Artist_02 2:23
  6. UK_Male_Artist_03 0:53
  1. AU_Female_Artist_01 0:56
  2. AU_Female_Artist_02 1:14
  3. AU_Female_Artist_03 1:24
  4. AU_Male_Artist_01 2:34
  5. AU_Male_Artist_02 0:25
  6. AU_Male_Artist_03 2:07
  7. AU_Male_Artist_04 0:53

99explainers FAQ

Deciding on an animated explainer video company to work with is extremely important. You’ll want to feel confident that the company you choose can do an amazing job at telling your story. Here are a few questions we’re commonly asked by people we talk to.

Why should I choose 99explainers?

Because you need someone who can create an exceptional video for you within budget. You also need someone who “gets” your business and takes the time to create a great story. Our team work with our customers to create exceptional stories and videos with incredible creativity. We love to understand your business further and see if we’re the right video company for you.

Our customers chose us as the video company they want to work with include:

Extreme value – We feel we offer the very best value in the market. Our prices are lower than the market average yet the quality of our work is better than the majority of our competition.

Enterprise service – You’ll have a dedicated account manager and direct contact with each person who works on your video. It’s extremely important for us to support you along the video creation process.

Fixed pricing – Our videos are priced at a fixed rate per second of video we complete for you. So you only pay for exactly what you receive.

Fixed turnaround times – We provide a specific date for the delivery of each stage of your video and we stick to it. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to plan around our service.

Unlimited revisions – We’ll make changes at each stage of your video within the scope of our agreement until you’re 100% happy. This means you’ll get a video you love at the end of the process.

Cost of an explainer video?

Our videos are priced at a fixed rate per second of video we complete for you. So you only pay for exactly what you receive.

We’ve done a lot of research to find out how much an animated explainer video costs. We feel we offer the very best value in the market. Our prices are lower than the market average yet the quality of our work is better than the majority of our competition.

What is the process of a animation video?

We create 3 different types of videos; animated videos, interactive videos and screen recorded videos. Each video type has a simple step-by-step process to make working with us easy.

We handle everything at every stage of the process from ideation to script, design and animation. We work to fixed turnaround times at every step of the process so you know exactly when each item will be delivered. However it’s important to remember that feedback and amendments are required at each stage as well.

What’s the ideal length for an explainer video?

Your video should always be as short as possible whilst containing all required information.

In our 2017 video marketing survey we found that 50% of consumers believe that 1 minute is the ideal length for an explainer video and 33% said between 1 – 2 minutes. Based on this it’s a good rule to plan for your video to be less than 2 minutes. And closer to or under 1 minute if possible.

What type of video would work best for me?

To help us answer this question we’d need to know more about the business you have and the goal you’re trying to achieve with your video. To help you get closer to this decision see how each video works best below:

Animated Explainer Videos – These videos can explain any product, service, process or concept. They use illustrated graphics so you can match the style closely with your brand. And, you don’t need to worry about hiring expensive actors, locations, people and equipment. Animated videos are amazing as they can explain anything in

Animation or Live Action??!

In simple terms live action uses people, cameras, locations and props to create the video. These types of videos can be great if you want to feature specific actors or use certain locations. They also have a personal feel to them. However they can be expensive to make and if you need to change anything at a later date it can be extremely difficult.

How should I use my explainer video?

The most common way to use an explainer video is to place it on your homepage or the other most relevant page on your website. When people come to this page your video will help them understand what your product or service does quickly and efficiently.

However there are many other excellent ways to use your videos to generate traffic, increase conversions and support people before and after they buy. This include:

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